Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Still of the night

Pre-workout fuel: Slice of peanut butter bread with drizzle of honey and cinnamon
Workout: Ran 5.75 miles in 49 minutes, 29 seconds; average pace, 8:36.

Anyone remember that scene in "Pretty Woman" when Vivienne (aka Julia Roberts) pulls out a rainbow of, umm, barriers and declares herself a safety girl?

OK. Yeah. Maybe I'm the only one but it was all I could think about this morning when I got myself decked out for my run. It's been dark, like night-time dark, when I set out. It doesn't really bother me much except that I can't see the Garmin. Oh, and the fact that it increases my chances of getting hit by an irresponsible driver by, like, a billion. I know I should wear some totally sexy reflective gear but the closest thing I own is a green shirt with a silver reflective strip on the back. Yeah, that will save me.

Enter Mark's cycling jacket.

I used to make fun of him for wearing it because it is neon yellow and completely unattractive. Of course, I didn't understand that he probably wore it back in his cycling days to avoid getting hit by an irresponsible driver. Then again, I never saw him wearing it for night-time bike rides ...

Anyway. I totally "borrowed" it this morning.

I felt like a complete dork but I did feel safe and managed to keep it on for 2.5 miles (when it got to be too warm). I figured that it was "light" enough that drivers could see my white tank and, if not, they could see a yellow butt bouncing down the path.

Quite a look ... right? Right! As much as I would love to keep it up, some night gear for me may be in order.

Options: Brooks long-sleeve shirt; Brooks vest; Pearl Izumi half-zip; and Brooks hat.

I actually kind of like the Brooks top, mostly because it's green and not urine neon yellow.

Would you like to vote? And then convince Mark that I need yet more running gear?


  1. The green top is cute!
    And don't worry about looking like a dork. I run w/ a headlight on my head. (Our sidewalks are really uneven and I need the extra light to avoid spraining an ankle)

  2. I like the green top - I might vote for the vest that way you can wear it with a short sleeve or long sleeve - but that's just practical and not fashionable. We want a "fashion show" when you get your new digs.

  3. I like the bright yellow top! But the green is super cute as well!