Monday, October 11, 2010

I exercise because ...

Pre-workout fuel: "Grilled" cinnamon raisin English muffin with peanut butter
Workout: 45 minutes "Biggest Loser Bootcamp" and 2.2-mile walk with Denali

My grandma ... you can't help but love. I was chatting with her as I walked to the library, and she was discussing the young ladies she sees at the fitness center where she takes water aerobics. There was one woman in particular who caught her eye.

"Skinny as a rail," she said. "I don't know why she goes to exercise."

"Maybe the exercise is the reason she's skinny," I told her.

Pfft. She has to work - she leaves the place wearing heels, Grandma says. "I don't get it."

I do.

I exercise because ...

I like the definition that I see in my arms.

I like feeling in control of my body.

I can't stand to watch "The Doctors" in the morning.

It makes me feel invincible.

It gives me a reason to wear Lucy yoga pants.

Denali never lets me sleep in.

A good sweat can cure 99% of life's problems.

If you don't have health, what do you have?

It brings out my inner competitor.

It's a way of life.

Why do you exercise?


  1. Awesome post!!!!!
    I'm dedicating to the running because my entire family has been wiped out by heart disease (as has "C's" family) so . . . we're running to prevent heart disease. Also, cute clothes don't come in jumbo size (that's mine - not so much "c" - she's already a skinny mini). I like to work out at the gym because it's great stress relief and it is just awesome to see leg muscles, abs and rocking guns!

  2. I also hate watching the doctors, except here, its on during my lunch break and the other courthouse gals seem to love it -grrr

  3. to feel good about myself. thats why i exercise. simple but true.

  4. It helps me de-stress.

    I want to be healthy...

    and...I want to look good :)