Monday, October 4, 2010

Belated September recap and October goals

Pre-workout fuel: Cinnabon Cream of Wheat
Workout: 45 minutes "Biggest Loser Bootcamp" and 2.2-ish mile walk with Denali

September, by the numbers:

1 - Half-marathon complete

2 - Number of scraped knees

4 - Number of free water bottles scored at F4F health expo/F4F

6.7 - Average distance per run

8:32 - Pace of fastest run

9:10 - Pace of slowest run

16 - Total number of runs

107.25 - Total miles ran

And now a look at October ...

Goal No. 1: Complete Tall Mom's 83 Miles in October challenge. It will average out to about 21 miles a week, which is close to where I wanted to keep my base. I'll continue to run four times a week - Tuesday, Thursday, Friday and Sunday - and do a long-ish run of ~7 miles on Sunday.

Goal No. 2: Follow the "Biggest Loser Bootcamp" program three times a week - Monday, Wednesday and Friday. I will follow Level 2 for the first two weeks and up it to Level 3 for the last two weeks. I have taken my measurements and have a "starting" weight so I'm curious to see how things change over the course of the month.

Goal No. 3: Not eat myself into oblivion when I go on a mini-vacation to Louisville. On the opposite end, I will use the hotel gym at least once while I'm there.

What's missing from this list? The River City Rat Race 10K. The run just happens to be the same day as my friend's baby shower (she's expecting twins!). It wouldn't be a problem normally but the race starts at 2 p.m. and the shower at 3 p.m. Factor in that I need to make and deliver the cake, and I have a scheduling issue. Instead, I plan to run a 10K on Thanksgiving day in Cincinnati.

What are your goals for October?


  1. I admire your dedication to work out consistency - you're amazing! I'm totally bummed you won't be at the Rat Race (not that I would be any where close to you, but it's a great mingling time after the race inside the fort) - but you have a great excuse. Will miss you not being there.

    My goals for October - hmmm, for starters I want to get a 10K PR at the Rat Race. I want to follow the training plan and keep up my fitness level. I think that's about it on the running front. Personally -I want to make it through the most hectic month of my year at work.

  2. You've had some great things going on! I had hoped to work on what I have left of my 1,000 mile goal, but my hamstring is NOT cooperating!

    Hope you have a great week!