Saturday, September 4, 2010

Support, please

I walked into Three Rivers Running Co. with one thing on my mind: Replacing my soon-to-be worn out Mizuno Wave Riders with a gorgeous pair of Brooks Ghost 3. Not only did the neutral Brooks shoe won accolades from Runner's World's fall shoe guide, it came in orange - one of my college's colors. Go BG!

I walked out of Three Rivers Running Co. with a pair of Nike Zoom Structure Triax+ 13 and a new understanding of why I've been having slight knee pain.

I am now a pronator.

Yep, in the eight months since I was first fitted at the Running Co., my gait and form has changed. Casey (I think that's his name) said it's not uncommon for a runner's gait to change as she steps up her mileage. The more the body works, the more inefficient it can become. It sounds weird but from what I could ascertain, in the first year of running - especially with mileage increases - the body adapts and becomes inefficient. The longer you run ... say three years from now ... I will become more efficient.

We might not have ever figured out that I was a pronator had he not noticed how I was walking out to the parking lot to do a lap in the Nike Vomero 5+. (It's a great shoe for you neutral runners. Just sayin'.) I stepped like a neutral runner but the roll-off or kickback was that of a pronator. He tested me out on the treadmill and sure enough, the ankles rolled in slightly.

The Triax+ is a minimal stability shoe, ideal as I'm considered a mild to moderate pronator. It's also not too heavy - 9.6 ounces - but still has some cushion. Just what I wanted! I did try on the Brooks Adrenaline, which Mark bought a couple weeks ago, but I think I'm just a Nike girl. Sorry, Brooks!

Casey did say that I can still wear my neutral Mizunos for shorter runs. I could even have a new neutral for short runs and keep the stability shoe for long runs. Seeing as the Mizunos are getting high in mileage, I'll probably just stick with the Triax+. No need to give Mark a heart attack with a second demand for new shoes.


  1. This is what happened to me! I was told that I was fitted incorrectly, but I really think my gait just changed (I've noticed a few differences). I had Mizuno Wave Riders, ran quite a bit with them, developed a lot of tendon pain, and have now switched to Mizuno Alchemy. Good to hear this is common! I wear my WRs for walking with orthotics (I walk quite a bit).

  2. I too was fitted differently 9 months after my first fitting when I mentioned that I was getting shin splints. I thought the shin splinters were because I'm heavy and inexperienced, but turns out I'm a supinator (can we still be friends even though we roll in different ways? SMILE). Casey is probably the most experienced fitter working at 3RRCo. I would definitely trust what he says. Can't wait to hear how the next few runs go for you.

  3. Wow! That is so weird! I wonder if this could be happening to me too. I can do my short runs no prob but the longer runs is when I get the knee pains. I hate to shell out $$ for more shoes but now I'm thinking I should get re-fitted at least to see if my gait too has changed!