Monday, September 20, 2010

The big 10

Pre-workout fuel: Slice of whole-wheat toast
: 30 minutes yoga, quick upper body and 2.5-mile walk with Denali

I once read that Madonna uses nothing but 3-pound weights to keep her arms super toned.

Three-pound weights and a lot of repetitions.

And while I normally follow the principle of lighter weights with higher reps, this morning I decided to break out the big guns: the 10-pound free weights. (Yes, 10-pounders are the "big" ones for me.)

I did three 8-repetition sets of the following exercises:

Bicep curls
Overhead press
Tricep extension
Alternating anterior raise
Hammer curls
Alternating lateral raise
Bent-over row
Tricep kickback

When I use 5-pound weights, I will do 12 repetitions per set and also add exercises such as a wide-grip bicep curl, reverse fly, upright row and chest press. But after 10 or 15 minutes this morning, my arms and shoulders were crying out, screaming for the comfort of my usual 5-pounders.

Seeing as every now and again, a girl needs a good cry so I'd say this fit the bill. I might even feel inclined to incorporate the weights on a more regular basis - say once a week. I have some post-F4F ideas that may impede this idea ... or put it in motion. We'll see.

How do you switch up your workouts?


  1. I need to work on switching up my workout.
    now I normally go on the treadmill, elliptical, or bike for awhile, switch machines, and then go do weight machines or dumbbells. Sometimes I go swimming, or just walk outside, but I am trying to get back into yoga.

    Madonna uses 3 pound weights? I don't really believe that. Definitely uses higher.

  2. I attend a different aerobics class (or DvD) or run at a different place to change things up - though I've not had a lot of variety these last 5 months. In prep for our next half, "C" and I are going to join "L" running in the middle school pool -should be a great change up.