Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Just beet it

Look at that beet. Doesn't it look good? Don't you just want to reach through your computer, take the root vegetable and eat it? Come on, you know you do.

And I'd appreciate it, too, because as much as I want to like beets, I'm not so sure I do.

After receiving a plethora of beets two weeks ago, courtesy of my CSA, I popped a dozen or so in a baking dish and roasted them per directions I found on the internet. I could smell them baking, and I couldn't wait to taste them. As soon as they were ready to handle, I easily peeled off the skin, cut a wedge and ate it.

"Good," I thought. "Sort of like a carrot ... except not."

I cut the beets into slices, portioned them in plastic storage bags and froze them. Any time I wanted a beet, I could reach in the freezer and defrost some.

Yesterday was that time. I grabbed some beets, added some orange slices (ala "5-ingredient Fix") and some goat cheese (as recommended by a co-worker). I put it in a plastic container and took it to work for lunch. I was so excited. Beets! Oranges! Goat cheese!

Too bad that excitement didn't last long. The first few bites went down OK and then I felt like I was eating, well, dirt. Makes sense, too, as beets grow in the ground. Then again, sweet potatoes grow in the ground and I lurve sweet potatoes. Anyway, I tried to eat just the oranges and the goat cheese - things I really do love - but I had had enough. I threw a good half of the salad away and went to the vending machine for some popcorn.

(Disclaimer: I did have more for lunch than half a salad and popcorn.)

I'm still holding out hope that I can at least like beets in small portions and might try them with roasted potatoes, onions and some butter because butter, well, makes everything better.


  1. I hated beets growing up, but 2 years ago I was introduced to the most amazing canned beets. One of our friends cans beets in several different flavor varieties. The next time I see them I can get the recipe if you want (probably won't be in the near future for this batch but for future reference).

  2. I have to admit...I'm pretty sure I've never had beets. shocking, I know...

  3. A recipe for canned beets ... YES, please! I was just telling a friend that I wanted to try my hand at canning, and I can always have recipes on hand.

  4. I have never been a big fan of beets but that sure does look pretty!

  5. I could never eat beets, either, until I grew them and harvested a few at about quarter size. It was like a whole other food -- roasted with garlic, potatoes, baby carrots, turnips,and drizzled with just a bit of olive oil. Really good. One they got bigger, about the size of a 50 cent piece, they tasted like dirt. Oops. So I don't buy them, because by the time they are grocery store size, they are woody and dirt tasting.