Monday, August 23, 2010

If the shoe fits

Pre-workout fuel: Half-slice of whole-wheat toast and half-caff coffee pre-yoga. Bowl of Kashi Island Vanilla biscuits with milk and a banana.
Workout: 30 minutes yoga, 2-ish mile walk with Denali and 20 minutes upper body with weights.

Brooks ... Mizuno ... Saucony ... Asics ... Puma. Oh, the shoe wall at Three Rivers Running Co. How it tempts me!

Mark and I stopped at my fave running shop in FW (OK, it's the only one but whatev) so that he could get a pair of shoes. He's been running in 2-year-old Nikes that he got at Kohl's and with him signing up for Fort-4-Fitness, an upgrade was beyond necessary.

We walked in, and Mark made a bee line for the shoes. Silly boy! He knew he had to be fitted first. I directed the salesgirl to him and she got him on the treadmill in a pair of neutral-fitting Brooks. It was quite the feat, he said later, given the fatigue of our 11-miler. His gait analysis showed that his right ankle flopped in a bit, and he'd need a stability shoe.

The first shoe he tried was an Asics pair. He found it to be quite heavy, not surprising as he calls his other pair of sneakers (Asics) "clodhoppers." The salesgirl said he wouldn't like the other shoes she grabbed for him and went to the back to get a pair of Brooks Adrenaline and some Mizunos. He tried them both on but it was love at first step with the Brooks.

While he was doing all of that, I couldn't help but want to look for me. My shoes have about 325 miles on them so they should be good through the half marathon. But that's not the point. I want new ones! Namely, the Brooks Ghost 3, which received the Editor's Choice Award from Runner's World. I have never worn this shoe so my desire is completely arbitrary. It's just me, being a girl. A girl who LOVES shoes.

How often do you replace your shoes?

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  1. I completely understand your desire for a shoe recommended by RW mag. I fell in love with Asics Nimbus 12 by reading the reviews and checking them out online. When I tried them on - it felt like pillows of air on my feet. It's dreamy! Unfortunately, they give me a bad heel blister, but I still use them on shorter runs - it's worth it! Hope you like your new shoes!