Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Germany meet Mexico

Have you ever had a Reuben quesadilla? Yeah, me either. At least until today.

After literally clocking myself while getting ready for work (knocked an alarm clock off closet shelf and it fell 3-4 feet onto my head), I spent the morning thinking about all things crazy and delicious: sliced turkey, cheese, 1000 island dressing, sauerkraut. Mmm, sauerkraut.

"Reuben. Reuben. Reuben," my brain chanted.

One problem: This German girl had no rye bread in the house. Shameful, really. So I decided to take a whole-wheat tortilla and make a wrap. One problem: I want to put too much in a wrap and it never stays "wrapped. " So I decided to make a Reuben quesadilla. I could stuff it as full as I wanted, and just fold over the tortilla.

I took the tortilla, one slice of Swiss, some turkey breast and sauerkraut and put it on half of the tortilla. I folded it over and cooked it for a few minutes on each side in a skillet. I put some light 1000 island dressing on the side for dipping. YUM!

To get in some veggies, I had one of my favorite soups: Progresso Light Savory Vegetable Barley. I could eat this soup every day it's so good. OK, I do eat it almost every day but I ate it out of a mug today, which is always way more fun.

Question of the day: What's your favorite non-traditional lunch combo?


  1. It was good! I think I'd like it more with the dressing in it rather than on the side. I'll probably eat it again tomorrow ;)