Tuesday, August 31, 2010

August wrap-up

Pre-workout fuel: Slice of whole-wheat toast with reduced-fat peanut butter
Workout: Ran 4.1 miles in 38 minutes, 15 seconds; average pace, 9:19.

Monday catch-up: Did 40 minutes yoga, 15 minutes arms and a short walk with the dog.

Another month has come and gone in what seems to be the blink of an eye. It amazes me how fast time moves, especially when you find yourself counting down to your next race. (Twenty-four days, in case you were wondering.)

Instead of looking forward, let's take a brief look back.

Total miles ran in August: 112.02 (an all-time high and third 100+ mile month in a row!)
Farthest run: 13.1 miles (RnR Chicago)
Average distance (per run): 6.22 miles
Fastest pace: 8:39

Not too shabby, August!

My goals for September are simple: do my best, train hard and break 2 hours at Fort-4-Fitness.

Wait. Maybe that last one isn't so simple.

Happy running!