Friday, July 2, 2010

Underneath it all

Question of the day:

Upon discovering that I had forgotten an essential item - my underpants - in my bag to go from pool to work, did I:

a) Go to my in-law's house a short drive from the pool and steal a pair from Mama T.
b) Drive the 15 minutes north, back to the house, for a pair and drive south again to go to work.
c) Go commando.
d) Stop at Walgreen's and buy a 3-pack of Hanes.

If you guessed "A," you're nasty. Same goes for "C." I'm too lazy for the correct answer to be "B." So, I guess that means I stopped at Walgreen's and paid $5 for a 3-pack of Hanes and put on a pair when I stopped for coffee.

And to catch you up, yes. Yes, I did go to the pool yesterday - even after I wrote that I decided to skip it. It was that dern guilt and the realization that if I moved really fast, I could still make it to the pool for the 9 a.m. open swim.

I did 500 yards in 20 minutes or so, taking a 20-breath rest between each length. I could have made it 600 yards but I figured that I could cut it short since I didn't plan to swim at all yesterday. And because I managed not to let the old guy lap me.

Though swimming still sucks for me, I noticed that I didn't have to clutch the wall for a moment mid-length nor did I panic when swimming in the deep end. I just moved along. And that, my friends, is a victory.

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