Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Pop a wheelie

Pre-workout fuel (0f sorts): Cold steel-cut oats with banana "soft serve" and blackberries. Oh, and cinnamon roast coffee. Of course.
Workout: 2.5-mile walk with dog and 30 minutes of P90x yoga

Goodbye, Green Envy ... for now.

This morning, my Trek Hybrid 7100 WSD went into the car and off to the bike shop. For a tune up ... or maintenance ... or repair job -- I'm not really sure. All I know is that the last time I rode it, my husband (then-boyfriend) noticed the rear wheel sort of wobbled. And I got sort of scared that it would come flying off and kill someone, namely me, in the process.

So for two years, I let it gather dust in the apartment. I would, on occasion, look at it longingly, wishing to hop on its seat and go off for a ride. Fear kept me home, though. And so it sat.

I'm not sure why it took me so long to get into the shop. It took just a few minutes to load in the car once I remembered how to get off the front wheel, and the shop said bike repairs are generally less than $50.

I do know why I decided to take it in now: I hate swimming.

I hate the whole process -- the limits of the pool schedule, lane restrictions, the other swimmers, the locker room. Oh, then there's the limits of my ability. But when it comes to cross-training, I don't have a lot of options without a gym membership. Walk, swim or a lame cardio video on OnDemand. And when your cable decides to stop working, like last night, and the cable can't come to fix it for two days, then the options are down to walk and swim.

A good-working bike will fix that ... I hope. A short walk with the dog and a moderate bike ride before work sounds like a pleasant way to spend the rest of summer and fall. Especially once I no longer have a half-marathon schedule to abide by.

How do you cross-train?

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