Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Pain in the ... everywhere

Pre-workout fuel: Slice of whole-wheat toast with Polaner High-Fiber Orange Marmalade and cinnamon roast coffee
Workout: Ran 5.9 miles in 55 minutes, 47 seconds; average pace, 9:27.

Legs ... so ... SORE. So sore that I could feel the pain in my inner thighs before I even got out of bed. So sore that I felt my quads with ever foot strike during my run.

Not so sore, though, that I couldn't sit down properly on the toilet. I will admit, though, that I wondered whether I could tether myself to Denali and have him pull me off the seat when I was finished.

I sort of felt like Jillian Michaels did this to me for 30 minutes:

Of course, she didn't. I'd be a bit scared if she got all "Lord of the Rings"/Gollum on me in my house. Anyway, I didn't even complete the "No More Trouble Zones" yesterday - I just did 30 minutes. And still, I my legs are on FIRE.

I had planned on doing the workout again tomorrow but I'm thinking I might hang out with Cindy Whitmarsh and her "Tank Top Arms" and Tony Horton and his Ab Ripper X. I'd like to walk the rest of the week, ya know.

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