Friday, May 13, 2016

Friday {Un}favorites

As bloggers, we love to share the things we, well, love. Whether it's part of a brand sponsorship/relationship or just a recent discovery, favorite posts are a great way to offer product recommendations.

This is not one of those posts. Instead, I'm going to tell you about the things I am not liking lately.

{being sick} I was sure that my experience at the Indy Mini was all because of something I ate – a Subway sandwich, a ridiculously rich mini Blizzard from Dairy Queen. By Saturday night, I felt less like death; Sunday, Mother's Day, I woke up ready for coffee; and on Monday, I was able to knock out 5 early miles. By the time Monday night rolled around, I was back to feeling nauseous and unsettled. I've taken one day off work, canceled two classes, lost 6 pounds and haven't logged a single mile since Monday. According to some co-workers, something has been going around the office and it's a tricky little bug, bringing nausea in waves and taking about a week to kick.

 photo 20160513_091647_zpskdytojh5.jpg

{easily damaged manicures} I recently had my nails done, mostly to have a professional trim my unruly cuticles. The cost, $10 or $12, is worth not risking maiming my digits for the sake of vanity. It bothers me, though, that the polish never seems to last more than a couple days. I know, of course, that a) it's partly me being rough on my nails; and b) I could get shellac but I'd like a few more days with my pretty pink color. But still. I want pretty nails, and lawd knows I can't paint them as neatly myself. (Also, Mark hates the smell of polish and so it's not always worth the comments that follow a coat.)

 photo HONEST_FIZZ-Orange_Pop4_3_zpsmnuedacx.jpg

{honest fizz orange pop} Part of my Mother's Day gift was a trip to the grocery alone, and I soaked in every second of sauntering through the early-morning aisles. I actually looked at the bunch of bananas before I bought them and thought about whether I wanted bold roast or medium roast coffee. Taking my time allowed me to catch more manager's specials, and I was excited to find a six-pack of Honest Fizz Orange Pop at a decent price. A) I love orange soda; and b) it's a much better option than the Diet Pepsi I've become so fond of lately. Maybe it's because I've been sick or I've been on conventional diet sodas for too long (as opposed to the Zevia train) but I do not like it. Sure, I'll drink it – especially if I buy some vanilla vodka or ice cream – but Mark will be relieved to know I haven't found a new pricey grocery store addiction.

 photo moving-comfort-juno-sports-bra1_zpsdjlxmacy.jpg

{moving comfort juno bras} Now let me be clear: I love Moving Comfort bras, and I have relied them heavily as a post-partum nursing mom. The Velcro straps make breastfeeding post-run a breeze, and they are supportive enough to handle fluctuating breast sizes. I have worn the Fiona, Jubralee and Juno but out of those three, the Juno has washed the worst. I'm not sure if it's launderer error, our machine, the soap we use, etc., but the Junos have not held their color, the eyes have rusted and the hooks have bent. In one, an entire row of eyes just fell out. It's so bizarre and a total bummer because I prefer the racerback style of the Juno.

{workin' on my fitness} In the month since Carmel, I've had one or two solid runs but otherwise my miles have been recovery-focused or sick ones. It's been so long since I felt like I ran fast that I'm starting to fear that I can't. Rationally, I know that it's not true. My body did need time after a hard half to recover and absorb, so to speak, the training and the lack of soreness/fatigue after the Indy Mini shows that I still have some endurance capability. But, I'm hoping to maybe chip away at my 5K PR (25:10, set in February) and break 25 and I can't do that when I'm logging mindless miles – if any.

Question: What are you disliking right now?


  1. Dislike that my peroneal tendon is being a jerk. Also that hubby had the Niagara Falls Starbucks mug in his freaking hand and did not buy it for me.

    1. There would be some serious consequences to not buying the Sbux mug in our house. I gave the husband a projected budget for a vacation, and I actually put in a line item for Starbucks mugs. I mean, obviously.

  2. Oh man! That sucks that the sickness was more than the race! I hope you feel better to enjoy the weekend!

    When is your targeted 5K? With your endurance, I bet you can get to PR shape in a few months! (Although, I would not race a 5K in the summer for time, lol).

    1. I need a target 5K! My friend sent me a plan she had been following, and I thought it would be good filler before I start training for the Monumental Marathon this summer. I was looking at July or August (ugh) but nothing seems to be lining up. I'll be missing the big 5K here because we'll be on vacation and a couple of the June races are at night. While fun, a night race in June does not seem conducive to a PR. So who knows :(

  3. Being sick is the worst! I had that bug about a month ago and it wasn't a 24 hour thing. I hope you are on the mend.

    I'm disliking that my son broke his leg and is still having a lot of pain. Disliking that my work gave me a hard time about taking one more day off this week to take care of him.