Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Head ache

Exercise: 2.3-mile walk with Denali

You know what's great about putting on a sweater you haven't worn in a while? You find a quarter in your pocket, giving you enough change to buy a hot chocolate out of the work vending machine.

Anyway ... I realized something very interesting this weekend. When I was visiting my friend Heather, mom of month-old twins Luke and Lexi, I discovered there's a lot more to getting ready for motherhood than taking funk-nasty vitamins and registering for diapers. There's work to be done. Real work. Like lifting weights and doing 5 million squats.

Let me explain.

I was holding lil Luke, who maybe clocks in at 7 pounds (at birth, he was 5 pounds, 10 ounces), when my arm started getting tired. Really tired. It wasn't like I was holding a precious, teeny babe. I was holding a rag doll with a bowling ball head. A bowling ball head that always seemed to find its way to my, ahem, girls. I had to switch arms, put him on my chest, try holding him like a football - all in the hopes of alleviating arm fatigue. And then, when my foot fell asleep while sitting on the floor, I had to get from sitting to standing with him in my arms.

Talk about work. And I was only there for an hour. What's it going to be like when baby boy arrives and I'm lifting, holding, getting up ALL THE TIME?

It's going to be torturous ... if I don't get ready. So I'm going into training - mama training - to strengthen my arms and feel at ease squatting. My target is an hour to 90 minutes a week starting, well, now and going till I can't do it.

Seeing as I am in training, here are some goals:

*Work my way up to using the 10-pound weights regularly.
*Wince my way through 2 minutes on a wall sit.
*Get back into the Jackie Warner DVD.

So what about you? Any strength training goals? After all, for you non-preggos, summer is rapidly approaching :)


  1. I'm eagerly awaiting the arrival of Ripped in 30... that's my strength training goal. After this race and the 10-miler, to be ripped by the wedding! :)

    Enjoy your wall sit!

  2. Yes, strength training is a must!

    I'm trying to add at least 2 workouts a week, but haven't been so successful.

    Also, I was surprised by how much back pain I had from improper lifting of the little munchkin. I'm trying to make up for it now with as much core strengthening as I can and it has been helping me.

    Go you!

  3. Screw it. I'll just leave my kid on the floor all day. LOL!

  4. Seriously LOL Holly!!!!!!!!!
    Sounds like a good plan. I'd check on the doc about the wall squat though - that uses core strength - don't want you hurting your mommy muscles.

  5. I heard a strong back is really important with a new baby. All the bending and lifting! I better get on that! You have the right idea