Friday, August 5, 2011

Love, forever

Move that body: 30-minute Jackie Warner DVD and short walk in VFF

Once upon a time, on a blog oh so familiar, a girl would share things she liked. Well, loved, actually. And then she got knocked up. Food didn’t taste the same. Workouts weren’t as fun. And life? It revolved around one thing: a baby.

While life still revolves around that baby, things are a changing and slowly (very slowly) getting back to normal. So it is only appropriate to bring back Friday love.

Food. When I first read the directions for this recipe, I thought it was insane. The Food Network wanted me to sear chicken breast and then bake it for 10 minutes. Insane. Seriously insane. There was no way those thick as thieves chicken breasts would cook in 15 minutes. And, if they did, it wasn’t going to be right. But right they were. Oh, very, very right. Juicy. Flavorful. And very versatile. The Tequila Chicken itself is good (and as leftovers in quesadillas, on a salad or as a sandwich) but the method works with any marinade. Try it. Now.

Fitness. I’m not sure this is a certified love but the newest accessory in the Healthy Strides is a definite like. And it, well they, just might surprise you.

Vibram Five Fingers KSO Blue-Grey Mens Shoes

A pair of Vibram Five Fingers KSO. Yep. I’m going barefoot.

Well, sort of.

I have been contemplating a pair for a while now and bit the bullet yesterday after seeing the running store’s Facebook post about a new shipment. I plan to walk – and only walk – in them as a way to strengthen my lower body and prevent injuries as I make my post-baby comeback.

Life. Can I just say that I do have one of the best husbands – if not the best ever – in the whole world? He took Miles and Denali for a walk this morning so I could get my workout on with Jackie Warner. I may regret it tomorrow when I can’t walk but it was nice to have that solo sweat session.


Life, part two. There’s nothing more fantastic than a napping newborn – especially one who naps long enough for you to go to grocery store … all by yourself. 

P.S. Did you really think I’d do a love post without this little one?

What are you loving today? Who’s tried Vibrams and has words of wisdom?

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Dear diary

The minute Miles was born, I became officially uncool. Or so my boss says. But nonetheless, I am going to try. And try I will today, joining the community of bloggers for What I Ate Wednesday.


I figured this week was a good week, joining WW and going dairy free, to show you just what I’m eating. Let me rephrase: What I can eat.



Oatmeal made with 1/2 cup oats, 1 cup unsweetened vanilla Almond Breeze, banana, pinch of salt, Truvia and 2 tablespoons Kashi Summer Berry granola (though the granola added nothing to it).



1 cup cherries and a decaf soy latte from Starbucks (unpictured)



Flour tortilla (gasp!) with spinach and garlic hummus and assorted veggies, carrots and mixed nuts.


P1000995 P1000997

1 serving Wheat Thins, a half banana (unpictured and only because it was sitting on the counter next to the Wheat Thins) and PB&J bread – my fave “dessert” of late.



Veggie skillet with one egg and Cornmeal Pancakes with light syrup.



Stonyfield soy yogurt with 1/4 cup Kashi granola (it actually added something here). BTW, I thought the soy yogurt would be nasty – I bought it only because it was BOGO – but it was surprisingly not repulsive.

What have you been eating lately? Should I do WIAW again?

Monday, August 1, 2011

Down and dirty

Move that body: 2.5-mile walk

There’s not much that can trump preparations the week before a race.


Well, except for a dirty diaper :)

Mark has got less than a week before his sprint triathlon and we’re working on getting him ready. Miles is showing him (by kicking a lot) how to pedal hard on the bike. Denali is whining for a run. As for me? I graciously caved into letting him hit up the running store for some new kicks and goggles.

I’m nice, right?

Mark stuck with his Brooks Adrenaline and, since we were there, I decided that I couldn’t not get shoes. You know, I’m (hopefully) just 2.5 weeks shy of getting the doctor’s approval to run. I tried on several pairs but stuck with the Nike Structure – the same shoe I got when I was training for Fort-4-Fitness.

NST13WR-1I like them a lot, and they have just enough support for this mild pronator.

I also managed to score a long-sleeve Mizuno top for $10 and a pair of Asics socks. Huzzah!

What’s your favorite running gear?