Friday, July 22, 2011

Showin’ the love

This one is for you, L!

Right now, life is super exciting. It’s a cycle of go to the bathroom, pick up Miles, feed Miles, drink water while feeding Miles, burp Miles, change Miles, feed Miles some more, pray Miles goes to sleep.

Yeah, this whole baby thing is much harder than I thought it would be. Thankfully, there are some things getting me through. Here’s what I’m loving lately.


Vitamin Water Zero. I have to drink an insane amount of water to stay hydrated since I’m nursing and let me tell you, there’s only so much water you can drink. Vitamin Water Zero, which is sweetened with Truvia (for the win!), gives me some semblance of flavor without any caffeine.


Kashi Pita Crisps. Because Kashi loves me Kashi was promoting its new pita crisps to people on their mailing list, I received a box of the new product in the mail. They are quite tasty, especially with my new favorite hummus: Private Selection Garlic and Chive (found at Kroger). Note: I love the hummus so much that I bought it today and it was NOT on sale. Put those two things on a plate with some baby carrots and a half-sandwich, and you have my lunch most days.

Walking. I haven’t been out the past two days but I did log a walk Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday with Wednesday’s jaunt coming in at close to 2 miles. Sadly, I had some twinges in my incision and I probably reached my limit, distance-wise, for the next week or so. A bonus to walks: Miles sleeps in the stroller.

Compliments. They seem to be just pouring in – people telling me how great I look for being a new mom. It’s much appreciated as I’m a whole lot jigglier than I’d like to be and have about 20 pounds to take off to get to pre-preggo weight. I’m planning to head back to Weight Watchers next week and focus on good eating until I can take on a good exercise regimen (fingers corssed that I can do it at 6 weeks post-partum).


A sleeping baby. We had a rough day or so over here but things are looking up. Or quiet, at least. And yes, that’s a wash cloth on Miles’ head. Even with central air – a new system at that – this heat has us down. I took Grandma’s suggestion and put a cool cloth on his head. Note: I’m sure he’ll hate me for this photo in about 12 years.

What are you loving lately? Any new products or workouts you want to share?

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Meet Miles


He’s cute. Observant. And he’s got red hair – which means he’s feisty. He wants what he wants when he wants it. And, at this point in his life, he wants one of two things: Mom or part of Mom’s anatomy.


About his name

I’m going to tell you the most amazing story. Miles’ name, his first name at least, came from a baby name book. Each night in my first trimester, I would read aloud possible names. Usually, I would select names that were completely out of the question (think very long, hard to pronounce monikers) but I couldn’t help but pitch Miles. I loved that it was sort of classic without being old and uncommon without being weird. Mark wasn’t into it, though, and I had to continue to make the case for a few weeks. As far as his middle name – Atlas – it was all Mark. He just randomly offered it up (a reference to his love of maps) one night at dinner and since that day, it was set.


Who he looks like

My in-laws say he looks like me with Marks’s ears and feet. Mark thinks he looks like my brother (creepy). I think he looks like a baby and babies simply look like babies.


Likes and dislikes

Likes: Being held, eating, crying, boobs, his mom, car rides, Dad, staying awake
Dislikes: Diaper changes, having clothes put on, having clothes taken off, being naked

Monday, July 18, 2011

Take care

I’m not sure if you know this but there’s an 11th commandment.


Grandma is always right.

And today, my lovely grandma offered this piece of wisdom: One of the best ways to take care of a baby is for the mom to take care of herself. You’re no good to the baby if you are frustrated, tired, depressed, hungry, etc. A new mom, no matter how frazzled, has to do things for her, such as shower, nap when the baby naps, make a cup of coffee (OK, she didn’t say that).

For me, exercise is integral to taking care of me. It makes me feel better about myself and breaks up the boredom.

So even though Miles was on the fussy side of things and nuzzling between the girls – despite eating just 45 minutes earlier, I put him in the car seat, which induced blood-curdling screams, and attached it to the stroller. I told myself that if he didn’t settle down after a block or so we would turn around but we were going to walk.

And you want to know what?

We were barely out the door when Miles quieted down, and I made it just over a mile.


It seems fresh air and exercise do us both some good.

Of course, when my grandma was discussing taking care of me she had to mention eating right. Pshaw! She says I need to a) eat good foods; b) eat enough; and c) eat good foods.

I guess indulging Mark’s request for Steak ‘n’ Shake might be out of the question :(

How do you take care of you?

Sunday, July 17, 2011

Out and about

Someone went for his first walk this weekend …


It was quite epic – 0.75 mile or so. Miles is so hard core already :)

Basically, the walk was an exercise in common sense. We went as far as we could before I started to “feel” my incision and then turned around. I wasn’t in pain when I went home but I wasn’t necessarily comfortable. I can walk (no running, the doc said specifically) as long as I use my head.

Miles is a bit fussy and has a penchant for cluster feeding, combine that with a days-long 95+ forecast, so I’m not sure how much I’ll get out this week. But I’ll take that one walk … for now.